The Lady

Two poets walking by a field,
Did spy a lady there,
One thought her stripped and barren,
The other thought her fair.

“Do see her face,” the first proclaimed,
“It's cold and hardened – pale,
“What might have held two lovely eyes,
“Is shrouded by her veil.”

“Her body's dry, her skin is peeled,
“So frail, yet thick – so dead.
“To think! To think! What soon will come,
“O'erflows my heart with dread.”

The second poet softly mused,
His gaze out o'er the sky,
Then turned he to his saddened friend,
To give him this reply:

“Are not the roots that quiet'ly grow,
“Her hidden, inner beauty?
“I see wherewithal bloss'ming here,
“Is not it blatant to thee?”

“She waits for that which soon will come,
“How eagerly she sings,
“But thou, O friend, the winter sees,
“While I dost see the spring.”


Soren Stevens said…
This one has grown on me...
Soren Stevens said…
Grace, where are you?
Bracie said…
Who wrote this poem?

I have this thing on my blog, The Locket, for poetry lovers, called "Poetry's Square." I post other bloggers' poetry and such.

I'm an NCFCA-er too, in region 3. Were you at Nats this June? So fun!

What region are you in?
Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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