Mary's Other Song

Recent manuscripts have discovered that Mary the mother of Jesus wrote another song that did not make it into the Bible because it was widely believed to lack divine inspiration. Yet, in all its full motherly glory, it is presented here, for your entertainment and enjoyment, in honor of the beginning of the Christmas season.

When Jesus was born, I thought, “Hooray!
“This must be my lucky day!
“And nothing can rain on my parade,
“Cuz I tell you, I got it made,
“I'm raisin' the Son of God.”

But He already knows his ABCs,
His “Three Little Bears” and His 123s,
Sometimes I wonder if He's teaching me,
And life's a little tough you see,
When you're raisin' the Son of God.

But I never need to spank Him or shout,
Cuz He never whines or fusses or pouts,
He keeps the straight and narrow route,
Yet it makes me wonder what motherin's about,
Since I'm raisin' the Son of God.

Sometimes I just yell at the others,
“Why can't you be more like your brother?”
And they just roll their eyes at each other,
And I wanna scream, “I'm only a mother!
“Who's raisin' the Son of God.”

So don't look at me like my job's all fun,
It's pretty hard work that needs to be done,
And then I'll break open my retirement fund!
(But don't get me wrong – I love my son),
I'm raising the Son of God!


Candy said…
Hey Charli!
It's me Candace! Love "Mary's Other Song"!

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